Depending on your carrier, you may not have access to unlimited data services on your cellphone. In the event of that, hopping on available WiFi signals in different locations may be a good way to conserve your monthly data allotment. To find and use WiFi signal on your Android device, do the following:

1. Tap ‘menu’.

2. Tap ‘settings’

3. Tap on ‘wireless & networks’

4. Tap ‘Wi-Fi settings’

5. Ensure Wi-Fi field is checked on. If not check it on.

6. At this time a list of available networks populate under the field ‘Wi-Fi networks’

If the Wi-Fi name has a padlock icon on top of its signal indicator to the right, then it is password protected

7. If you know the password, double tap the network name to enter it. If you don’t have one and an open network is available, then double tap to connect.

The network reconciles with your phone for a few moments and you are good to surf.


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